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Eyebrow Embroidery Cost and What to Expect

The quest for perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows has taken the beauty world by storm, and eyebrow embroidery is a technique that promises to make achieving those dream brows a reality. But before you dive headfirst into this exciting trend, it’s essential to understand the eyebrow embroidery cost and what to expect from the procedure. In this article, we’ll explore the world of eyebrow embroidery, including the expenses involved, the procedure itself, and what you should anticipate in terms of results and aftercare.

What Is Eyebrow Embroidery?

Eyebrow embroidery, also known as microblading or feathering, is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows. It involves the use of a small, handheld tool with tiny needles that deposit pigment into the skin’s upper layers, creating natural-looking hair strokes. This technique can fill in sparse brows, define their shape, and provide a more polished appearance.

Eyebrow Embroidery Cost

The cost of eyebrow embroidery can vary significantly based on various factors, including your location, the reputation of the salon or technician, and the type of service you choose. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $800 for eyebrow embroidery. Here’s a breakdown of the cost factors:

  1. Location: The cost of beauty services often varies by region. Salons in major cities and upscale neighborhoods may charge higher prices than those in smaller towns or less affluent areas.
  2. Experience and Reputation: Highly experienced and well-known technicians often command higher prices due to their expertise and reputation for delivering excellent results.
  3. Type of Service: The cost may vary based on the specific eyebrow embroidery technique used, such as microblading, ombre powder brows, or microshading.
  4. Follow-Up Appointments: Some eyebrow embroidery services include one or more follow-up appointments to touch up and perfect the results. These follow-up sessions may be included in the initial cost or require an additional fee.
  5. Salon or Home-Based Technician: Some technicians work out of established salons, while others offer their services as independent practitioners. Prices may differ based on the setting.
  6. Additional Services: Some salons offer packages that include other eyebrow services, such as waxing, shaping, or tinting, which can affect the overall cost.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Before you schedule your eyebrow embroidery appointment, it’s essential to know what to expect during the procedure:

  1. Consultation: Your technician will start with a consultation to discuss your eyebrow goals, assess your skin type, and choose the appropriate color and shape for your eyebrows.
  2. Numbing: To minimize discomfort, a topical numbing cream is applied to your eyebrows. You may need to wait for the numbing cream to take effect before the procedure begins.
  3. Pigment Selection: Your technician will choose a pigment color that matches your natural brow color or complements your desired look.
  4. Microblading/Microshading: Using a small handheld tool with tiny needles, your technician will create hair-like strokes in the brow area. The procedure can take 1 to 2 hours to complete.
  5. Checking for Symmetry: Your technician will carefully assess the symmetry and shape of your brows throughout the procedure to ensure they look balanced.
  6. Pigment Application: Pigment is applied to the strokes, and any excess is wiped away. The color will appear darker initially but will fade to a more natural shade over the following weeks.

What to Expect After the Procedure

After your eyebrow embroidery session, there are essential post-care guidelines to follow:

  1. Avoid Water and Moisture: Keep your brows dry for the first seven days after the procedure. Avoid swimming, saunas, and excessive sweating.
  2. Avoid Makeup: Refrain from using makeup on your brows during the initial healing period.
  3. No Sun Exposure: Protect your brows from direct sunlight and tanning beds, as UV rays can cause pigments to fade more quickly.
  4. No Picking or Scratching: Itchiness is normal during the healing process, but avoid scratching or picking at your brows to prevent pigment loss.
  5. Be Patient: Eyebrows may appear darker and more intense immediately after the procedure. The color will soften and settle into a more natural look as your skin heals.
  6. Follow-Up Appointments: Depending on the technician’s recommendations, you may need one or more follow-up appointments to touch up and perfect the results.

How Long Does Eyebrow Embroidery Last?

Eyebrow embroidery is considered semi-permanent and can last anywhere from one to three years, depending on several factors:

  1. Skin Type: Oily skin types may experience quicker fading, while dry skin may retain pigment longer.
  2. Aftercare: Proper aftercare and maintenance can help extend the life of your eyebrow embroidery.
  3. Sun Exposure: Excessive sun exposure can cause pigments to fade more quickly.
  4. Pigment Color: Darker pigments tend to last longer than lighter ones.
  5. Follow-Up Appointments: Regular touch-up appointments can help maintain the desired look.


Eyebrow embroidery is an excellent option for those seeking beautifully defined and long-lasting eyebrows. While the cost of the procedure can vary, it’s crucial to consider factors like location, technician expertise, and follow-up appointments when budgeting for eyebrow embroidery. By understanding the procedure and following proper aftercare, you can achieve the perfect brows you’ve always wanted and enjoy their stunning effects for months to come.